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Admission Policy

We aim to provide a high quality service to parents while supporting the care and development of young children from 3months to 5 years old.  We strive to provide a loving and safe environment which will help your child to feel settled and cared for.  We aim to provide a childcare which will help your child to become resilient for everyday life and to give a sound education that enables children to reach their full potential and equips them to confident individuals with a positive attitude for learning.

Our main objective here at Inglenook Nursery School is to provide a safe and happy and stimulating environment for babies and children up to 5 years old.  Your children are left in the hands of highly experienced and qualified nursery nurses.

We ensure that your child is left in a safe, clean and friendly and exciting atmosphere.  Parents can feel relaxed in the knowledge that their child is in a well-supervised nursery and can be assured that their child is receiving the highest quality of care.

We encourage a close partnership with parents and carers in order to enable us to achieve the highest standards in childcare and to fulfil each child’s potential.  We aim to help parents achieve a work-life balance, by offering flexible hours, home cooked meals and by accepting Nursery vouchers and assisting with providing information for Working Family Tax Credits.  Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 6.00 pm.  We close for bank holidays and for the first two weeks in August which gives everyone the opportunity to take time out of our hectic day to day lives and to make the most of family life in a relaxed manner in order to have a well-earned summer holiday.  This also prepares the Pre-school children and their parents for their up and coming long summer school holidays!

As a nursery we are continually striving to improve and maintain a high standard.  We work closely with all outside agencies who assist us with keeping up to date with current legislations. We maintain a continuing professional development plan for all staff and ensure that everyone has a sound knowledge of current issues and legislation and training relating to childcare and education. Our staff are either fully qualified Nursery Nurses or fully vetted students are working towards accredited childcare qualifications.  We aim to have a balance of mature staff with their own children.  Our Manager Julia Dowell-Lee has been qualified in childcare for over 14 years with three children of her own, leads a stable team of committed Nursery Professionals.  Our Deputy Manager Tracy McCrum also has been qualified in childcare for over 15 years with three children of her own.  Another senior member of Staff who leads the Baby Room, Diane Littlehales has also been qualified over 14 years with two children of her own.  All three members of staff have been part of the Inglenook Nursery School team for over ten years.

Prospective parents can view our very detailed website at and then either contact us via email or phone for a visit.  A place is secured by completing the Application forms with a non-refundable membership fee of £100.  A welcome pack will be issued along with a complementary uniform which we do encourage all Toddlers and Pre-School children wear on day to day basis.  No remission of fees will be made due to withdrawal, illness, accident or the closing of the Nursery School due to an epidemic or any circumstances beyond the control of the Nursery School.