General Good Practice

Special/Additional Educational Needs.

If your child has an additional need and requires extra support, we are able to work alongside you and the Special Educational Needs organization within Birmingham City Council.

Hygiene, Health and Safety.

The Environmental Health Department has approved our Health and Safety Policy, First Aid Procedures, Risk Assessments, Food Hazard Analysis, and makes unannounced visits to inspect the premises. Each playroom is subject to a full safety check each day. You will notice the continual attention to health and safety on your visits to nursery. The general cleanliness and orderliness throughout our nursery is the mark of our attention to detail.


Access to the building is restricted to the front door only, where the caller is clearly visible. Visitors are not shown around unless they have made an appointment and strict security procedures are in place for the collection of children. Children are never taken off the nursery premises without written consent. See security

Child Protection.

Both the Manager and Deputy Managers are the Child Protection Co-coordinators. Through training all staff is made aware of the issues surrounding child protection and our procedures. The full policy is available for you to read, Please ask.

Healthy Eating.

Meals are balanced and appropriate

  • Fresh fruit and/or vegetables are served every day
  • Meals and drinks are appropriate to the dietary needs of babies and very young children.