Cartoon child


At around 2yrs of age, children move into our Toddler Room. Children between the age of 2 and 3 are becoming more independent and thrive on interaction with their peers alongside a supporting adult. The activities in the kindergarten focus on the development of skills such as:

  • Co-operation in play –taking turns and sharing in small and larger groups
  • Independence – meal times, toilet training, selecting toys, physical development.
  • Communication–listening and speaking, enjoying stories, recognising labels. Mathematical ability - familiarity with shapes, numbers, colours and vocabulary
  • Creativity – through exploratory play, music, free painting and modelling,
  • Self-Awareness - Respecting themselves and the needs of others.

Toddlers’ Sleep time
Children sleep after lunch with parental consent. They have individual cushioned mats and bedding, which are changed daily and sleep for as long as they need through gentle encouragement and soft music.

Nappies and potty training
Potty training is usually initiated by the child’s parents and is fully supported by the nursery. Children are actively supported through the use of encouragement charts and praise. Accidents will occur however, and parents are asked to provide plenty of changes of clothes.

Toddlers thoroughly enjoy playing on trikes, with dolls and pushchairs, with balls, on the small climbing frame and with sand and water. Their big garden, which they share with preschool, is primarily made up of artificial grass.  Being in a conservation area we have lots of bushes and mature trees.  This area has been named ‘the jungle’ by the children as we have a lovely tree that they are able to climb and also a tyre swing.  There is also an area to grow flowers and vegetables.