Cartoon child


The staff here at Inglenook Nursery School are highly motivated towards providing a happy and stimulating environment in which all children can reach their full potential.

Small babies and toddlers respond to plenty of ‘one to one’ interaction. They learn to interpret and respond to facial expression and vocal sounds. Through looking at real objects and pictures, and by using their senses, babies will make the connections necessary for making sense of and understanding the world around them.
All children love to explore, and it is this exploratory instinct in babies and toddlers that is nurtured here in the Baby room.
Under 2’s are given regular opportunity to explore:

  • Music
  • Art and Craft
  • Everyday objects
  • Their Senses
  • Faces
  • Textures
  • Outdoor play in their own garden

The Baby- Room
Four Nursery Nurses care for a Maximum of 12 babies in our large, homely and inviting Baby-room. The room has plenty of space for soft play.  The children eat in the dining room with the other children making this a very special time for interaction with siblings and other children. There is a separate sleep area where the children are given their own cot (toddlers sleep on cushioned mats on the floor) and bedding which is changed on a daily basis. This enables the babies to be closely supervised within the main playroom while they are sleeping. The room is kept clean, warm, safe and well ventilated. It is always cosy, welcoming and very well equipped. The children play with plenty of bright and stimulating toys as well as being allowed the opportunity to explore interesting and safe household objects –just as they would at home.

When Your Baby first starts
When your baby first starts at nursery, we find out as much as possible about his/her daily needs and routine through discussion with you and through the use of a simple questionnaire. We follow your routine and guidelines to make his/her initial transition to nursery life as smooth as possible. Each baby’s ‘key-person’ will care for and respond to your babies individual needs, maintain close communication with you and make appropriate adaptations to routine and play so as to accommodate your baby’s growing needs. 

Baby's food
We do ask parents to provide baby's formula milk (or breast milk if desired).We do sterilize the bottles throughout the day, once the milk is made up, it is then refrigerated until needed.  They are made up twice a day and re-heated in our Nursery kitchen when needed. When your baby progresses onto eating solids, all meals including breakfast, mid-morning snack, hot cooked lunch and afternoon tea are provided at nursery, and pureed where necessary.

Sleep time
Small babies sleep as long and as often as they need to, while older babies only sleep once each day - usually after lunch. Soft music is played and staff watch over the children as they sleep.  Soft music is often played to aid this process. The children sleep for as long as they need (max of 2 hours) and a record of this is made for parent’s feedback at the end of the day. 

Parents are required to supply nappies and wipes and cream.  There are four set nappy-changing times for babies and toddlers in addition to continual checking for soiling. Parents are asked to provide barrier cream. Details of Nappy changes, activities enjoyed, and length of sleep/s is recorded on the daily activity sheets which are then discussed with the parents at the end of the day.  A book with the same information can be completed for the parents to take home on a daily basis if required.

Babies are taken outside whenever possible. In warm weather the children wear hats and wear sun cream.  Two big gazebos are also there for rest bite from the sun.   Babies have their own garden with lots of natural shading along with artificial grass. Older toddlers thoroughly enjoy playing on trikes, with dolls and pushchairs, with balls, on the small climbing frame and with sand and water. The big garden is primarily made up of artificial grass.  Being in a conservation area we have lots of bushes and mature trees.  This area has been names ‘the jungle’ by the children has we have a tree that they are able to climb and also a tyre swing.  There is also an area to grow flowers and vegetables.